Howto Free Up Device File For Arduino Board

Is there a way to free up the device file that is allocated to the Arduino board without re-plugging the board in? Every now and then when I get a program flashed to the board via AVR Dude the following message appears:

Uploading to board...
stty -F /dev/ttyUSB0 hupcl
stty: /dev/ttyUSB0: Device or resource busy

Did notice that the screen program doesn’t respond to Ctrl + c, which means that it will not terminate unless the Arduino board is unplugged via USB. Appears as though screen is hogging the device file.

Is there any way to force screen to free up the device file?

As it turns out the Linux version of PuTTY (native version NOT the Windows one!) works much better for monitoring a serial connection than screen. For one thing it is easy to disconnect, and PuTTY doesn't hog the device file after an established session has been terminated. Seems as though PuTTY can even automatically detect the baud rate, only need to indicate the device file and that serial is being used as the connection type via a terminal emulator.

Can launch PuTTY as a GUI, however the command line version is a much better way to get the application integrated via a proper IDE that handles launch configurations (eg NetBeans, Eclipse, CodeBlocks).