HP 3530fs Touch TFT LCD

So a friend of mine and I happened across two defunct HP laserJet 3530fs printers. while the printers were in pretty bad shape, their touch screen TFT LCDs were still in perfect working order! We are trying to see if we can interface those screens with our Arduinos for (what should be an epicily awesome car pc project). Here is the problem:

  1. the LCDs apparently communicated with the printer's mother board via USB :frowning:
  2. the graphic driver is an Atmel ARM based microcontroller (SAM9xx if I remember correctly).
    According to the Atmel data sheets, the processor supports SPI and 12C communication, which we theorize we will need to use in order to bypass the USB communication.

Right now its nearly 4 am and I have been readying and squinting at the circuit board for several hours trying to figure this thing out, so I'll post some pictures tomorrow (or the next day). If anyone has any preliminary thoughts, we'd appreciate them!


Here is the front and back of the LCD we are using. I'm thinking - hoping - that the SPI connection is the one hightlighted on the back. After googling the crap out of this I still can't find anything deffinitive one way or the other. Looks like tomorrow will be trial and error...

Did you get anywhere??? I have also 2 displays - one from a HP M4555 and another from a (i think) 3500 series. I would love ti use these displays


Custom displays made special for Hp, good luck getting them working without ANY documentation :-/

// Per.