HP DV6 Motherboard

How can i make an HPDV6 laptop mother board power on so i can plug it into a screen. How can i wire it to make my own power button? thanx guys


This motherboard will power a ground control station. I have previous notes or messages on here from other projects. Once each one is complete, i will put them all together. But to be specific, its an arduino powered ground control station. It was kind of a secret. But when done i will post it up with all insturctables. All my little projects will be formed into one huge finale. Kinda like a transformer. Looks like nothing at first, but then surprise. Anyhow if anyone has any ideas on how this can be done. Te question above that is. I could really use help on the screen part. When im done i will post up the project and show you how it works. But thank you until next time my friends. iceman