HS-134 Co2 sensor

Good evening, I wonder if my setup for you you think is correct, I use a CO2 sensor HS-134 http://www.selectronic.fr/includes_selectronic/pdf/Sencera/HS134ebis.PDF.

I run my code in the ignition of the heating element (H pin sensor) for 60 seconds, sending a stream of 4volts, for 90 seconds and then I sent him a current of 1.4V.

Then I cut the whole for 120secondes not to overheat it. To retrieve the data I plugged as the drawing shows a resistance 560Ohms and I plug my pine analog0 between it and pin A of the sensor. In my code I get a voltage of 3.60V, I find that my sensor has a resistance of 1440Ohms?

This data seems you correct?

For the rest I can not understand the specifications of the sensor?

RS \ RL = (Vc-VRL) / VRL

Then later he is enrolled in Rs 2-20K 100ppm?

Well, I hope a kind soul can tell me what I must do now with all this data.

Regards Chris

You call the sensor for CO2 sensor though according to the link you gave it is a carbon monoxide or CO1 sensor which is different.