HSM-20G sensor package.

im wondering what code i need to interface this sensor wich measures humidity and temperature. the output of the sensor is a certain voltage and when the voltage is known you can look on the chart and see what is the relative humidity,

so what im trying to do is write some code that measures the voltage of analog input 0 then prints that to the consol. if anyone feels like helping that would be great. thanks

Did you see this example?

I’m assuming this is the data sheet: http://www.cytron.com.my/datasheet/sensor/Humidity_UserManualv1.pdf

Hook up humidity and temperature pins to analog pin 1 & 2.
You can print out the voltage of the 2 pins by this code:

void loop() {
  Serial.println(analogRead(1)); //prints value recieved from analog 
                                              //pin 1 over serial
  delay(1000);                          //delay 1 second
  Serial.println(analogRead(2)); //prints value recieved from analog 
                                              //pin 2 over serial
  delay(1000);                          //delay 1 second