HT1632C Cascading Questions


I am currently thinking about using the HT1632C to control a LED matrix, but I have some questions about it.

I understand how to work with a single HT1632C, but I am having some trouble understanding its cascade mode. How does the cascade operation works? How do we send a message containing the information about a certain LED to the third slave, for example? How does the master know the information is for the third slave, and not for the second? Is there any kind of address associated with each HT1632C unit, so that we know where to send the information?

I would also like to know how many HT1632C can we cascade on a given application?

Thank you.

Well it is shown on page 16 of the data sheet. The arduino replaces that block marked MCU. You select which HT1632C you want to address by lowering the chip select line on it. So this pin needs a separate controlling output from the arduino. All the other data signals are in parallel. There is one master HT1632C which provides the oscillator and sync pulses for the others. You can extend this as much as you like given that you keep signal integrity.