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I am reaching out in effort of finding a bit of assistance with a project. What I am trying to accomplish is running a 8x32 matrix with the 32 pixels being vertical and the 8 being the width. The board is a Lattice breakout ran by an HT1632C. I have tried manipulating the few different project libraries I have found on the web but still having some issues. It seems that I can not properly size and print the image as the libraries have been made for a 16x24 unit. Also, I have not figured out what to use the "RD" pin on the serial interface of the led matrix for as none of the sample codes use it at all...

Thanks to everyone in advance!

OK so I have now got the 32x8 matrix to operate using the library and examples HERE - gauravmm

When I run the text example it will run my chosen text across the screen horizontally along the 32 pixel axis. However, my goal is to have the screen orientation being a height of 32 rows of 8 wide. I am trying to make the text scroll downward to fill the screen and maybe blink or do some sort of animation before it restarts the sequence. I dont know if this will take me re-doing all of the characters to be orientated 90 degrees clockwise, or if there may be a better quick solution within the .h or the .cpp file.

Any help or insight is very much appreciated!

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hello guys, I have a little problem too , I used that library here , the code there is for only to print letter , how can I transform it to print int variable
please help me guys
and sorry for my bad english

This topic deserves no responses, as both of you have chosen not to read the forum guide in the "please read" sticky post. Between the two of you, you broke many rules.

Matt, you should read point #11 in particular.

Francillia, you should not hijack someone else's topic just because you think your problem has some similarities.

At least Mat had the good grace to reply in 2015 when the OP first posted.

2015! Ahh, I should have spotted that!