HT16K33 Program

Hello everyone,

we are making a simple score board with arduino software,
using the ht16k33 7 segment display as our display connected to the brainbox AVR.
but we have encounterd some issues, the most of them we have overwon.
The only problem that we have now is that we have to write our on I2C programm,
We would like to ask to you if you would want to write a very simple programm for us. We would like to do it ourself but we dont have the knowledge to do this.

The program should contain this:

  • The idea is recreating a basketball score board.
  • we have 2 switches (One switch that adds 1 point for the one team, and the other switch adds one point to the other team)

Arne and wannes IW

If you want someone to write code for you, posting in Gigs and Collaboration makes more sense than posting here. But, do NOT start another thread there. Instead, click on the Report to moderator link in your post, and ask that the thread be moved.

I failed classes and had to redo my year,

kind regards,