HTML editor for arduino code?

Hi all, I'm not particularly good with HTML programming so in the past I have used something like Frontpage for the main formatting.

What is the easiest way to convert to the format that the arduino requires?

The Arduino doesn't require HTML.

What are you trying to do?

For write html… use notpad++ (free and very good) or dreamweaver…

Write line by line, like:

 client.println("HTTP/1.1 200 OK");
         client.println("Content-Type: text/html");
         client.print("<form method=get>");
         client.print("<input type='radio' name=r value='1'> One
         client.print("<input type='radio' name=r value='2' checked> Two
         client.print("<input type='radio' name=r value='3'> Three
         client.print("<input type=submit value=submit></form>");
         //stopping client


client.print("<form method=get>"
             "<input type='radio' name=r value='1'> One
             "<input type='radio' name=r value='2' checked> Two
             "<input type='radio' name=r value='3'> Three
             "<input type=submit value=submit></form>"

should be perfectly valid.

I didn't explain myself too well there, I meant I would like to design something in Frontpage and rather than reformatting the html manually - things like the ' & " and I wondered if there was a quicker way?


How do you guys do it?

Store it as an HTML file on an SD card and read it from there while writing it to the HTTP client?

Store it as an HTML file on an SD card and read it from there while writing it to the HTTP client?

That is not a bad idea, so I could just read from a pure HTML file with no special formatting?

The thing that I want to avoid is having to go through and change all the quotes (" '), adding the brackets, client.print… etc


A quote is just another number in a string. You only need to worry about them when using string literals.

And anyway, in HTML a quote (") should be " anyway :stuck_out_tongue: