HTTP 500 error from Yun when accessing via Bridge

I will explain my setup:

  • Arduino Sketch: A modified Bridge example that prints sensor values on the YunClient, instead of raw pin readings as on the original example
  • Linino Part: Daemon calls a Python script periodically, which downloads data from the URL associated with the attached arduino sensors

And the problems is that after running for a couple of hours, when accessing the URL, the return is a HTTP 500 error code. The problem disappears when restarting the Yun, but I would like to know why is this happening, or where I can find a error log, and how should I avoid it.

Feel free to ask for more details.

Here I attach an error that appears on the Yun Web Panel saying "There was a problem last time I tried configuring wireless network."

So basically the problem solved after doing these bunch of things:

  • Commenting the "listenonlocalhost" directive from the sketc as suggested on other posts
  • Flashing new OpenWRT image from 23rd April 2014
  • Turning it on/off