HTTP client certificate authentication

Hi forum,

Can someone guide / stir me to the right direction.. I am looking for a way for Arduino Nano IoT 33 using its ATECC608A and WiFiNiNa to do HTTP/HTTPS client-certificate based authentication

In this example (though MQTT) it uses a combination of ArduinoECCX08.h, ArduinoBearSSL.h and of course WiFiNINA.h
and it is able to use the certificate as authentication to MQTT


WiFiClient    wifiClient;            // Used for the TCP socket connection
BearSSLClient sslClient(wifiClient); // Used for SSL/TLS connection, integrates with ECC508
MqttClient    mqttClient(sslClient);


sslClient.setEccSlot(0, certificate);

I've tried this, and it was easy and works great.

But I could not find any topics/reference on using ArduinoHttpClient library to use client-certificate based authentication. I dont mind if It is different library (or different approach) than this as long as it is or near client authentication using x.509 certificate.


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