Http GET Request gets a >1 second delay

Hi guys. It is my first topic in this forum, and I'm not english, so be patient and sorry in advantage. :)

The problem is at follows:

I am doing a GET request to a server when I have multiple images and representing them in a display connected to my board (with an ESP8266). The problem is that I was able to record the delay I have between the changes in the server (it is actually a MJPG-Streamer in a Raspberry with a RaspiCam) and the ones represented in the display and it is greater than 1 second. It is not a computational problem because I have recorded times between processing tasks and they are good for the frames per second objective (9 seconds).

The problem is like a delay offset problem between the first request I do (GET + host + blablabla + Connection: keep-alive) and the start point of processing the received data. I also see a lot of delay(1) in people's codes after the WiFi Client creation and the WiFi network connection, and it makes me wonder if maybe there is like a time to set the WiFi before being prepared to receive and compute data.

Finally, I have read this ( ). It talks about a delay taken by the EthernetClient which is set to 1 second by default. But I didn't find anything about the WiFiClient related to this.

Please help! :)