http host name for web server with DHCP on Ethernet Shield

Hello, I'm using the Ethernet shield r3 with the Arduino web server and DHCP. I would like to type in my web browser http://hostname and connect to the web server. I'm running Windows 7 and the Chrome browser.

I successfully connect to the Arduino with and the web page loads properly. It's the IP address reported in my code. I do a ping scan with NMAP, find the same IP address and also see that that NMAP ping scan associates WIZnet0F201A.lan to this IP address. I could not connect as http://WIZnet0F201A. or http://WIZnet0F201A.lan. I tried adding the :80, with no change. I can type at the command line interpreter "ping WIZnet0F201A" and I get a ping response.

Suggestions? Thanks, Frank

Use a dynamic IP address service like below.

zoomkast, Thanks for you idea. My use is a bit different. My Ethernet shield is always going to be in a local network. There's no application for access from outside the network. Thanks, Frank

Then modify your dns server to reply with that ip when queried, or use a router that will perform dns. I use MikroTik routers, and they allow you to use a static dns assignment. I would use this in my router, and assign the router as my dns server.

/ip dns static
add address=

If you plan on using a web browser, it requires a FQDN to access the server. Note the addition of a primary domain name above. That is the “.com” part.

SurferTim, I am reading up on the Fully Qualified Domain Name.

I am doing the development in two different router environments. At the intended final network the net administrator told me that he wants me to use DHCP, so I would not have a predetermined IP address.

For the example I mentioned with, that is on different network all together, where I can do whatever I want with the router. If I extrapolate correctly, only the webhost name appended with*.lan* could work because it is fully qualified. The web browser is giving me a response with openDNS server that I use for my DNS queries so the PC is looking for my hostname on the internet for some .lan domain. Frank

Then you have a real challenge. I'm not saying it is impossible, but at best very difficult.

edit: You might be able to pull it off with OpenDNS, but you would need a registered domain name to do it. You could have it resolve to your localnet private ip, but of course you couldn't access it from the internet, just the private ip localnet.