HTTP POST questions

I need some help coming up with some code here. I have tried a couple of times to do this and can get it to work for a while but then, eventually it fails. I would like to have the arduino post to php on my webserver. I am trying to eliminate Strings and have opted for strings. my variables are:

date, time, ph, dissolved, wtemp, gtemp, astatus, bstatus, rstatus, dsensor, fsensor, & fstatus

Date should be sent as “CURDATE()”
time should be sent as “CURTIME()”
ph is a float
dissolved is a float
wtemp is a float
gtemp is a float
astatus is a char
bstatus is a char
rstatus is a char
dsensor is a char
fsensor is a char
fstatus is a char

I need to know a couple of things:

  1. how do I encode these to be in URL format such as
    date=CURDATE()&&time=CURTIME()&&… What are the % that I would use in a sprintf command? Or, is there a better way to assemble the data.
  2. Is there a limit to how much can be sent? right now, once assembled just this parameters part of the data is 180 characters long. Is that too much, should it be split up?

BTW, I wouldnt be starting a brand new thread if my countless hours searching google and this site had yielded satisfactory results to this point.

I guess your arduino may be running out of sram to store all that data in one string. But Im not an expert, once I read that there was a limit to the length of a string in Arduino.