Http string command to Shield

Dear all, I am new about Arduino system and I would like to know how I can send sms when Arduino Shield, connected to a Arduino one, receives a TCP/IP string.

Could you help me plesse.


when Arduino Shield

Which Arduino shield?

receives a TCP/IP string.

How does it do that?

You're right!! I mean Arduino GSM shield connected to Arduino Uno which is connected lan. On the net there's a third part control unit (Crestron) which can send tcp/ip serial string.

When external unit sends tcp/ip string, Arduino GSM shield has to send sms.

What do you suggest?


What do you suggest?

That you look at the examples that come with the GSM library, and modify a suitable one to read the data that the Arduino that is "connected lan", whatever that means, gets, and, if necessary, send an SMS.