HttpClient send GET data with request


Hopefully someone here's used the HttpClient library from: and can help me. I'm using an Ethernet shield and am activating relays depending on the response from the web server.

I'm trying to send with the

http.get(kHostname, kPath);

some additional data:


I'm then trying to kPath2 to the end of the kPath variable. however when i do i get the following error:

error: no matching function for call to 'HttpClient::get(const char [26], String&)'

It would not surprise me that i'm going about this the wrong way however I would appreciate some guidance.

Thanks. Chris

The library probably does not like the String data type.

error: no matching function for call to 'HttpClient::get(const char [26], String&)'

I don't know why you are sending an array rather than a pointer to an array in the first parameter.


i’m using the char array as it was in an example script I am expanding.

Thanks for the pointer about it not liking String. I worked arround this issue using.

string.toCharArray(buf, len)

with this i was able to construct the sring, then convert it to a CharArray, thus sending “GET” data to the webserver :slight_smile: