https and ssl in Linino


I appears that openssl wasn't compiled into Linino so we can't do anything operations requiring the protocols. I've run into this problem when trying to use git to manage source code on bit bucket. I get that error messages such as "no auth methods could be used" or "unable to find remote helper for https".

How much of a pain would it be to get that feature compiled into Linino? My brief investigation made it look like I'd need to recompile the kernel. Does anyone here have any experience with such things?

https support to git has only recently been added to openwrt and linino has not yet been updated
As a general rule, you don't need to recompile anything, just update the package list and look for what you need

opkg update
opkg list

ssl costs a lot of disk space. That's why it was not included by default (and also why many packages are available with and without ssl support)