HTTPS interfacing

Hi... I've been reading the "Making THings Talk Book" and have the arduino posting php pages via Processing...

However, I now want to post to a web server that is secure, e.g., the url is prefixed by https...

How does one do this? Any small snippet of code would be appreciated.

I think trying to add HTTPS support into the arduino is not going to be possible due to te size and complexity of the SSL libraries. What you could do is make the requests to the regular server and use a PHP script to proxy the request to the HTTPS server.

Hope this helps


Oh... And what is involved in that? Any quick example?

OK, had a quick google and test, found a script at that you stick on your not https server, you give it a url parameter that includes https and it returns the results. The URL parameter must be encoded so that the parameters are passed to their ultimate destination.

As an example, I've stuck the script onto one of my sites running PHP and told it to return the paypal-business page hat uses https -

Its not going to return full pages and images, just the text or html output from the request you submitted, which is probably what you are looking for.

Hope this helps


Thank you very much... I'll test it out and let you know...