Huawei Mate 7 Fingerprint Reader

Hello guys,

I’m writing to you because I’ve always been interested by Biometrics. I programmed some stuffs with the fingerprint reader modules available on Sparkfun but I recently bought a new module from a Chinese website and it looks quite promising.

That’s the best of the best, used on some Huawei mobiles such as the Mate 7

My problem is that I obviously want to get rid of the board connected to the FPC1020 and use it with own sketchs.

There is an available sketch to use the adapter board with and Arduino but that’s no fun, I want to do things myself and get rid of the board. (I already have the correct board to board connector to adapt it)

There is 2 datasheet linked on the website and they seems to be quite complete but I’m not sure it is enough to use the FPC module itself. Can anyone tell me if there is enough data in those datasheets to use the FPC1020 module itself?

Thank you,


ok so I eventually find the answer. yes it is possible to use the fingerprint reader alone with the datasheet given on the website. it will just need a huge work for developping a fingerpring recognition algorithm to have and a powerful microcontroller