Hubsan motor control

I have 4 hubsan motors and I'm just wondering, would a simple Drone like a hubsan $50drone, the x4, require a special driver board or could it be driven directly from a Nano mcu?

The motors are high current little buggers, aren't they?

Well that is a question of working out if 2A is more than 40mA... I personally think its a lot more.

So what drivers do the hubsan sized drones use?

I don't know - I just know they use small slotless-coreless brushed DC motors. Which are available on eBay and have typically a 60,000rpm, 3.7V 2A specification...

Ok, I think its some proprietary would make sense.


I need to get a hubsan for my wife. Jokes aside..... there should be heaps of info out there regarding ESC (electronic speed controller) for hubsan motors.

Well I Google spare parts and found the board, the one and only board in the Drone.

I contacted a supplier who says the ardupilot is discontinued.

Is this true?

Is there a known equivalent or substitute?