Hue or Lifx or other Emulators

I want to Controle my Light at home with my Logitech Harmony Hub.
Isaw thatyou can Controle a digital led strip with the lifx but i only found an arduino emulator witch controls a bulb (so i can't have multiple colors on one led strip right?).
Is there a good solution fir harmony and App control?

if your led strip has addressable leds then you can control multiple colors (zones) with an arduino and the Lifx App. I've recently created an arduino sketch for APA102 Led drivers. You can change the code if you have other led drivers. I can control my led strip with my Harmony remotes.

You can find my code here: GitHub - VinzzB/LifxZoneStrip: Use the Lifx app to control zones with APA102 LED strips. (or others)