Huge 3 wire motor

I scavenged a huge three wire motor from a "massage machine" today. The motor is really big, but I have no idea how to use it with my Arduino. I thought it might be a stepper but it has three wires! It had the plug attached to it with a switch and so it plugged it in. The switch enabled me to run it in two directions. Here is a picture:

Any help would be appreciated.

What voltage was it running from? Have you measured the winding resistances? Is it brushed or brushless?

Please post a few more photos from different angles.

It's an AC induction motor but the wiring is not clear to me. At any rate you'll only get on/off control (no speed control possible without an expensive VFD) from an Arduino. You'd prefer an electromechanical relay to do that.

Hi, the motor is a two phase motor, note the capacitor in among the wires from the motor.
The switch simply connects one or other of the motor windings via the capacitor, the capacitor provides the current phase shift required to give the motor a directional rotating field for the armature to follow.
Tom… :slight_smile: