HUGE countdown clock

Im making a HUGE countdown clock. ATM this is a placeholder so i can post it once its complete

current details.. 88 88:88:88 days , hours , minutes , seconds

8x7segment display. each segment is 2 stawhat leds (3.2v 25ma)

controller 2xmax7219 (4 digits per max7219( 1xrealtime clock 1xArduino 2009 1xTemp sensor

the code i feel is fine and will be no trouble..

BUT.. i would like to hear about other ideas right now on how i would control my CUSTOM 8x7 segment displays any different ways

will 2xMAX7219 with each channel controlling 1x7leds be fine.

eg. channel 0+1 = digit 0 (2LEDs per seg / 2) (i know. Im working on the Dots (DP) but i only need them on a few digits)

I have pics and am in the process of getting diagrams etc. i wont post it just yet until it works..

this is for a xmas light display in Hobart , Tasmania , Australia..

feel free to post ideas , thoughts etc

its based on the sparkfun BIG clock with a few different ideas (eg. no 595 chips)

the clock body is complete and i have got it working before. using Pc a olsen 595 board with a pc. While working i wanted stand alone..

there will be a FULL write-up , pics , diagrams , etc one im finished so everyone else can learn from my mistake , pitfalls and experiences..

there are pics on there of the DISPLAY

with my lovely son modeling them

I want to make one of those, mount it to the lawn in front of my house and have it count down the November 2nd.