Huge LED Matrix with Arduino Uno

Hi guys,

I currently have an Arduino Uno, and plan to build a big LED Matrix to play snake / tetris on it =)

I understood the principle of using a multiplexer to be able to extend the number of available columns of the matrix (see here). Using several multiplexer, you can get almost as much rows as you'd like to get.

Nevertheless, each column still requires one arduino pin to define which LED must light up, and hence, the number of columns is limited by the number of pins. So we can get around a N times 10 matrix at best.

Would you guys have any idea of how to overcome this ?

Charlieplexing, I/O extenders, shift-registers . . .

You can use this

Interfacing LED displays with the MAX7219 driver

The MAX7219 is designed to be daisy-chained so you can have multiple 64-pixel displays connected together (like those scrolling signs you see in shop windows) used only 3 pins.

MAX7219 and Parola.h library for displaying your content.