human body parameters measurement

i am trying to make a project with the help of arduino uno r3 which takes vital human body signs such as body temp.,heart rate monitor,galvanic skin response(stress meter) and blood pressure via different sensors and shows the output value in a 16*2 lcd display.I am totally new to this arduino and programming.Can anyone help me with my project.It will be very helpful.
for temp i m using LM35
for heart rate i am using IR led and photodetector method.
for gsk i am using copper foil strips whose resistance changes along with the sweat in skin.
for blood pressure not sure what sensor should i use..(need suggestion)
i want to combine all the inputs in a single arduino board and want output in lcd all at a time..i mean shows temp ,pressure,stress level simultaneusly in the lcd.Kindly send me the circuit diagram along with the arduino code.Thanks.. :slight_smile:

Sorry, but this forum is not like that.
You can show us your sketch (the code) and your schematic, and we can comment on that.
Try to find a project of someone who made such a thing.
Or search for a shield (an add-on board) that measures body parameters.
The blood pressure will be hard to measure. What about ECG ?