Human Detection using D6T-44L-06 in electric appliances

Hello! am working on a my fourth year first semester project to detect the presence of a person in front of a television. I am trying to use d6t-44l-06 mems thermal sensor but i have no idea how to program it inorder to detect the presence of a person standing 1 meter a distance to switch on the television. I need your help with the code..ASAP

I did a search on the words "arduino d6t-44l-06 mems thermal sensor" and got a few, perhaps, useful results.

MEMS Thermal Sensors D6T User’s Manual, might be of use.

Also, the d6t-2jcieev01-arduino github site might be of interest to you.

You'll want to hook the sensor to the MCU and do an I2C scan to see if the device it hooked up properly.

Thanks but i read the manual...i just dont understand the whole library of this sensor. I dont even know where to start programming it

have you hooked it up yet and did the I2C scan?

You should clickycliky on that GitHub link.

Start by studying the program examples in the Github link, reply #2.