Humidity and others - compatibility with Alexa

I bought an Arduino nano IOT, I saw that it is possible to associate a temperature sensor (Alexa Compatible) and see it as a device on Alexa, but it is not possible to do the same thing with a humidity sensor(%) or with a GAS sensor (ppm).
Is there a way to have these sensors visible in Alexa?
Thanks a lot.

That seems odd. The Nano can obviously read those sensors. How do you pass the temperature data to Alexa?

Yes, i know that Arduino reads the Humidity and others... but for example, i use "CloudTemperatureSensor" for sending data to Arduino Cloud, and Alexa can reads data from there, but doesn't exists a "CloudHumiditySensor" for to do the same things... I can ask to Alexa:" Alexa, what is house temperature?" but i can't ask "Alexa, what is house Humidity?" :slight_smile:

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