Humidity Sensor

Looking for inexpensive humidity sensors and found these:|0&locale=en_US&appliedparametrics=true&getResults=true&originalQueryURL=/jsp/search/browse.jsp%3FN%3D202072%26No%3D0%26getResults%3Dtrue%26appliedparametrics%3Dtrue%26locale%3Den_US%26divisionLocale%3Den_US%26catalogId%3D%26prevNValues%3D202072

Specifically, the HCH-1000-002 has a 2% accuracy range, which seems good.

However, it looks like it uses "AC" voltage.

Any way to get that to work, or any other suggestions?

The dht11 is an inexpensive humidity sensor. You can find them online for under $5 USD. There are a couple of libraries for them. Here's the one that I've used:


Check out this thread:,64849.0.html