humidity, temperature and air exchange

i have created a small grow space for mushrooms and i'm looking to provide it with 100% humidity and regular air exchanges. I have never used chips before and I openly admit i'm a noob. If someone could give me some advice on what i'll need so I can get started on the learning curb. thanks in advance.

This will give you a basis for what you can and cannot do with an Arduino.

Can you tell more about the project? - What do you want to measure? temperature & humidity? - how do you intend to exchange air? => PC fans? - Do you need to control light too?

How big is your mushroom farm? Can you post a photograph?

It sounds like your project is easily achievable with an Arduino. One important thing to consider is the voltage that your heater, humidifiying device and fans require. If you're going to be using mains voltage, beware - mistakes can be fatal. Not a good choice for a first project in that case, although you can buy commercial products that handle this for you, taking 5V inputs to control power from mains outlets. More expensive, but probably worth it in this case.

Once you have an idea what the components you need to control are, loads of folks here can advise on code & wiring.