Have a look at the first video of my driving HummBot:

I made another video of HummBot. The video quality is much better now, and the HummBot can change directions!

I attached two servo controlled sharp IR sensors to the HummBot:

For more pictures, see

Cool, maybe you can turn one of the IR sensors backward, so it can see what's behind it.


Thanks, in fact I want to replace the IR sensors with Ultrasonic sensors, since I need to be able to scan a longer distance than the max 50 cm that the IR sensors are giving me.
I plan to move the IR sensors to the bumpers (front and back) of the HummBot for short distance detection.

I have moved the IR sensors to the front and back bumpers, this works quite nice.
I am now waiting for the ultrasonic sensors. In the mean time I created another video:

Very nice! I'm building small tracked robots, and just finished one that has ultrasonics front and rear. We should trade code! What sensors are you getting? If you have a Radio Shack near, you can get Pings there. I have a pair of Pings, and a pair of Devantech SRF05 sensors (those are what I mounted on my bot, they can be used both in shared-pin mode, like the Ping, or with separate input and output pins, which is how I wired them).


I bought two MaxSonar ultrasound sensors:
I will mount these two sensors on the servos of my HummBot.
We should definitely share code. I will publish all my code on my blog.