HUZZAH and Arduino IDE

Anybody got this to work recently or know what's going on otherwise?
["Yes, the proxy IS giving me, and apparently others, problems."]

Been following along with the info presented by Adafruit,

but I can't get the ESP8266 Board Package install to go.

I put the .json address in the box in Preferences.

Subsequently hitting up Tools > Boards > Boards manager only gets me
Error downloading

The address bounced back in the error message is different from that specified in "Preferences".

Maybe they fell short of their "contributions" goal and dropped it altogether.

In the IDE's
File > Preferences
there is a 'Network' tab.
There I clicked the 'No Proxy' radio button
and then went over to the Boards Manager in Tools > Board ... and guess what ─
that's what:
the ESP8266 stuff showed up like those for other units (Install candidates), clicked the Install button and everything is good now.