Huzzah ESP8266 and front end user software

Hello all

I have been playing with a Huzzah ESP8266, an UNO with Ethernet Shield etc and got.... so far.

I am not all the good at coding HTML. What I have 'created' for my front end webpage isn't exactly pretty or standard. Most of it is Googled code that I have hacked about. Oh... and it doesn't work.

My goal is to simply upload some simple pressure sensor data using the Huzzah ESP8266, and read that data back on a webpage.

I believe my easiest option here is to upload the data to a IOT server, and then read it back down on to my webpage.

Can anyone recommend a reasonably intuitive IOT data storage facility with the ability perhaps for me to create a front end webpage.

I know the Arduino IOT facility exists, but I am not sure how configurable the webpage is (can it be my own graphics for instance?)

Willing to learn.... Googled this for many days.

Willing to subscribe to an IOT service, but a free trial would be great to ensure its what I need.

Just been reading about MQTT.... but am I right is thinking this purely stores the data for you to access?
I would still need some way of making the webpage.

Failing that.... a decent tutorial on HTML! I have been reading the W3Schools tutorials, but I have not been able to create a page with my received data on it.

Advice (apart from give up!)?