Huzzah Switcheroo

Hello All.

Using- IDE and Huzzah ESP8266 board, with relay. Have Built in WIFI, but no BLE or Bluetooth on board.

New to both Arduino and programming, with questions. Please don't be impatient, I have spent many hours/days on this and am without a good direction at present.

Currently, I am building a control box for my son who prints T-shirts. At first, he told me that the light exposure time needed to be 30 seconds. That was fine, and I was able to write a program to pull the relay using GPIO pin 13 (hard wired and soldered) and delay for 30 seconds. Worked fine.

Then he tells me that he will need to vary the exposure time. It may be 30,60,90 seconds, etc. for different projects. This threw me for a loop.

If possible, I would like advise on programming this. I would be ideal to hit the IP address on a browser (he uses IOS phone, I use Android, we both have Mac computers.), have the board query for input as far as the exposure time, and run for that amount of time. I am open to other suggestions as far as how to accomplish this, but this would be my first choice. Lastly, I live in Chicago, and he is in LA, so the board has to be working before I ship it. At present, he does not have or use Arduino, or IDE.

Many thanks to all who contribute to this forum, much appreciated.

If you're using WiFi as the communication method I think the most simple solution would be to set up the ESP8266 as an access point (AP). You connect your mobile device or computer to that access point and then open the configuration interface in the browser. The ESP8266 will be running a webserver with the HTML for the configuration web page.

The AP solution means that you won't need to worry about configuring the ESP8266 with the SSID and password of the local network's WiFi router.

To make things even easier on the user you can set up a captive portal, which means any URL you open in the browser will take you to the configuration web page, rather than needing to connect to a specific IP address.