HW 290 - Barometer Data Extraction

Hello Everyone,

I am having a hard time finding any source to extract Barometer data (in conjunction with MPU 6050 data) from HW290 Sensor. I intend to use it for altitude control for Quad.
Kindly help me with the same.

Thank you

HW290 ?

Do you mean BME 280 ? If so the libraries give examples you can follows

I’m not sure but do people conventionally use a GPS or absolute pressure ( as a vario) in quads . Have a look what you can buy for this in Quad circles .

If you need specific help you need to post the code you are tying and what the specific problem is

Hello Sir,

Actually HW 290 is a combination of MPU 6050 and BM 180. All the tutorials I found are referring to MPU control
I have attached the link for reference.

Thank you