HWB use on ATmega32U4

I'm messing around with the electric schema of an ATmega32U4 based circuit and I can't understand why the resistor on the HWB pin is needed? I tried my circuit without it (with Arduino Leonardo variant) and it works well, so it seems to me that it's not needed.

The datasheet says:

HWB allows to execute the bootloader section after reset when tied to ground during external reset pulse. The HWB mode of this pin is active only when the HWBE fuse is enable. During normal operation (excluded Reset), this pin acts as a general purpose I/O.

So from that I read when I reset pushing the reset button it executes the bootloader section (towards the end of the flash memory) instead of starting the application (at the beginning). That happens no matter what... it seems it's taken care of at the software level (too).

I just noticed when typing the Arduino Leonardo fuse bit values into this calculator (low: 0xff, high: 0xd8, extended: 0xcb) that the HWBE fuse isn’t even programmed, this means the pull-down resistor connected to the HWB pin is utterly useless.