hx-Diagram_Enter formulas in program C

My project is Mollier's hx diagram.
Here I measure the room temperature (T) and the relative humidity (H)

I have already calculated all the required formulas on microsoft Excel to determine the absolute humidity (x).

However, I have to enter these complex calculations in a C program.

For this reason I ask for your support.
It would be very helpful if someone could write the program in C for me.

I provide all the required formulas tp write this program.
Thank you very much.

Why do you have to do this? Homework?

It's a project (my job) for the university.

Hi @htw22
What is the ultimate goal of this project?

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OK, show us the C program that requires the calculations.

Are you willing to pay for help ?

If so, there is a special forum section for asking for such help and this topic can be moved there. If not then you can get help but will b expected to do the programming yourself and to receive advice on errors or the best way to write it

Have you tried to write the program ?

I am willing to pay, but I cant programming. I'm studying supply engineering.So I only know the basics of programming.

I don't have a program.

The temperature (T) and the relative humidity (H) are given
You can use arbitrary numbers for this.

The absolute humidity (X) must be calculated.
I have ALL the formulas for that.

Good to know. Have you thought about posting the formulas?

Do you want this topic moved to Jobs and Paid Consultancy - Arduino Forum

I can't put These formulars here bevor I can be sure that I will be helped.
These formulars of calculations was a lot of Work.

What are you talking about? The Mollier diagram is a century old, and this material is EXTREMELY well understood.

You can't expect to attract help without explaining the actual project.

I have already explained the project..

"The temperature (T) and the relative humidity (H) are given.
You can use arbitrary numbers for this.

The absolute humidity (X) must be calculated.
I have ALL the formulas for that."

I need help programming the calculations that I already have.

I am Not sure if you understand what I mean.

Just use this on line calculator.


Of course, that's right. But that is only in g/m^3.
But I converted it to g/kg.

After that:

g/m^3/(101300/(287,058*Temperatur in K)

Still, I can't program these formulars in C.

Suppose ah = absolute humidity in g/m^3. To convert that to g/kg (according to your formula) in C, use this line of code:

ah = ah*287.058*T/101300.0;

Do you know how I can program this calculation-step in C?
Suppose we take 25°C and 40% relative humidity.

The code can be found in this thread

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