Hx711 frequency

I’m working with the HX711 library with this module:
(weight sensor module)

I’ve seen in the data sheet that you could choose your Output data rate (10Hz or 80Hz):
https://cdn.sparkfun.com/datasheets/Sensors/ForceFlex/hx711_english.pdf (page 2)

But after many tries I still don’t understand how to do so…

Does any one has the code (maybe function) to set the rate to 80Hz ?

I’m a beginner so be nice pls :slight_smile:
Thank you for your help !!

Hold pin 15 high (1=high=supply voltage, 0=low=ground) to get 80Hz, just like page 2 of the data sheet says.

Sometimes the boards have a jumper (that you close with solder) to change the voltage at pin 15; don't know about yours. Ask Google.

Ok so I did:
int RATE = 15 ;
then in setutp:
pinMode(RATE, OUTPUT);
digitalWrite(RATE, HIGH);

But nothing change, I still have the same low frequency

Look at page 2 of the datasheet again. See pin 15 in the illustration of the HX711 chip? The one that says "RATE"? The same one in the table on page 2 that says hold it high to get 80 Hz? That's the one you have to figure out how to hold high. Does it look like an Arduino pin? I didn't think so.

As previously mentioned: Some HX711 boards have a jumper you close with solder. Maybe you have to cut a trace. Maybe you have to de-solder pin 15 and connect it to "high." Yours? Dunno. Look at the schematic...is there a jumper? Look at the board and try to figure it out yourself...find pin 15 and follow the trace...where does it go? Ask Google...

On my HX711 breakout board, I cut the trace on pin 15 (near the chip) and soldered a wire to pin 15, with the other end going to VCC. I can confirm this worked to get 80 Hz