HX711 is giving me random values and calibration is not working

I am building a project involving HX711 and I am having problem with calibration and also accuracy the weight slowly drifts to sides what should I do I am using <HX711_ADC.h> library. what should I do is there another sensor which could work? What could be the reason of it not working?


U probably got the 'best' sensor already. It is sensitive (the shielded is a little more immune to noise)
It has a +/- 23 bit (a few millivolt split to 16 million steps).. so U should expect 'the small drift)

Is the sensor in a shielded box? Are connection-cabels shielded? I the supply-voltage free from noise?
... accept the small drift..

The power supply is Arduino's 5V port and the drift is not small it is close to 100 grams. How should I shield it should I put it into a grounded box-like faraday's cage. Is the library ok? I am maybe having a problem with calibration?

Thank you for your help I really appreciate it.

If you have a good quality DMM measure the excitation voltage to your load cell. Does it drift at all? Next measure the load cell mv signal out. Does it drift at all? That would be a start. A quality load cell should have a steady output and the bridge compensated for things like temperature change.


Have had some of your problems later, fund that you have to check your wiring - your load cell may have differnet wires, mine were red, (E+), Green, White, Black, but check your wiring and the resitance values from the load cell, lots of info on this, check your solder joints.

Not quite sure on the HX117 lib you migth be using but try a differnet one