HX711 module for strain gauge measurement

Hello everybody!
I would like to measure the voltage produced by two strain gauges applied on both sides of a flexing bar and connected in Wheatsone bridge configuration. To amplify the signal I bought a HX711 ADC 24-bit module used for load cells and weighting. The problem is that I'm finding all tutorials and documentation concerning the load cell application of this module and I was wondering if it can be used also in my case, just to amplify a voltage signal related to a deformation. My actual goal is to measure the deformation. Does anybody have ideas or hints about this? Thank you in advance!

The HX711 data sheet should give all the information you need.


Check out the figure in the following URL for Full bridge / Four active strain gauges are connected as a full bridge / Strain measurement on a bending beam.

bending strain is calculated from: