HX711 output value changed when physically get moved

I assembled a load cell, arduino, and HX711 to build a scale. I noticed that when I changed the position of the HX711, the ADC output value of the HX711 changed. I've soldered the load cell cable to the HX711, as well as the cable from the HX711 to the arduino. Why did that happen? Is the HX711 physically sensitive to movement?

It shouldn´t be. Maybe you´ve got some soldering problems or a bad contact cable.

I feel I've soldered well and the cables used are also good. Sorry I just realized it's not just physically moved, but when I touch pins E+, E-, A-, A+ (HX711 pins connected to load cell) the output values change. So I think the pin is affected by the resistance of my hand. Do you know what went wrong?

I guess nothing went wrong. Remind that HX711 is an amplifier, as the signal of the load cell is too low to be directly read. In this condition, small interferences can be also amplified and touching the terminals is certainly a kind of interference.

I guess when using your scale, HX711 will not be touched at all. So, go ahead with your project and nevermind this effect. :wink:

Alright thanks, maybe I need to make a container that prevents interferences from changing positions and touches

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