HX711 - Sparkfun Board to 80 cycles?


I recently purchased a Sparkfun HX711.

Here is a link to the schematic

Here is a link to the board

It says that the jumper is by default closed and it needs to be opened to get from 10 cycles to 80 cycles. However, this is my first electronics project and I don't really know how to read the schematic with 100% confidence. Online, people are saying I need to cut the board with a knife... I have no clue where to cut on the actual board, how deep to cut, etc. Has anyone done this before and can perhaps help me out? An image/video would be extremely helpful as well if you have one. Thanks a lot.

If you look closely at the two exposed 'rate' squares, then you see a very thin line in between.
Just cut that very thin line away with a hobby knife.
You will know when you have cut through the copper.

I assume you know you are trading accuracy for speed.

You can restore it to the old setting by soldering the two squares together.