HX711 - tare problem


I have working HX711 and loadcell 100kg. No problem there.. i use https://github.com/bogde/HX711 library.

Problem is that if device restarts and i have for example 50kg load on scale... shows after restart weight 0kg.. but i would like even if you restart that weight would be same as before restart.

So i would like to somehow set scale to "remember" value of load after reset. Is that possible?

keep the value somewhere or in flash or in eeprom or in RTC whatever. why are you resetting? as the loadcell and the amp are drifting the best way is to have it start at 0 and then put the weight back on. only way to do it correct is by lifting up the weight with a motor.

Reset comes if batteries are empty..or if scale hang... So stil best solution is to lift weight and then add it back on...