HY-SRF05 Ultrasonic sensor


I would like to know if the measure distance of this sensor is stated in the datasheet as 3-4m is this the

round trip? If it is the round trip then 4m will only detect objects at 2meters and closer(3m is 1,5 meter)

I tested this sensor and only get readings up to 103cm this is just over 1meter.

All the videos on youtube only show the sensors to measure on a ruler (thats 300mm) or a hand moving

in front of the sensor at close distance.

I did test 3 of these sensors all with the same result -- max distance 103cm.

Have you contacted the manufacturer?

No the local supplier just got them from another supplier the manufacturer is unknown.

But there are lots of these type of sensors does any of them work up to 4 meter,what is the test results from the 100's of projects posted all over the web all over the world.

Why does all the videos only show distance up to around 300mm on a ruler.

Four metres with a (typically) wide beam angle is quite a long range to ensure there's no other object in the path of the beam and its return. I don't usually expect anything relaible beyond a metre to a metre and a half, depending on environment.