Hydraulic valve terminal

Hello, I am looking for hydraulic valve terminal which I can control with my Arduino. I am looking for device similar to this https://www.festo.com/cms/en-gb_gb/16228.htm The idea is to have one input for fluid(water) and multiple outputs which can be electronically controlled(open/close one or more output valves at any time). This one from the link is too expensive and I am also not sure how it can be controlled. I am searching for something simpler and cheap, it will be used for gardening application. Thank you and sorry if something is wrong, this is my first post here :)

"Multiple outputs", how many? You are probably looking at something like a sprinkler system valve manifold and they are usually 24 volt, AC or DC and probably pretty expensive, you may could hash something up with pipe fittings and cheap solenoid valves from E-Bay or AliExpress, but,... https://www.aliexpress.com/wholesale?ltype=wholesale&d=y&origin=y&blanktest=0&SearchText=solenoid+valve&tc=af&initiative_id=SB_20170724075831&isViewCP=y&catId=0

"Hydraulic" in most English-speaking domains usually refers to oil-based fluid power systems. Think like construction equipment or the transmission fluid in an a car. Operating pressures in these systems is usually thousands of PSI (hundreds of BAR.)

If it's for your garden then there's a zillion solenoids available at very cheap prices. Operating pressures are tens of PSI or just 1-2 BAR. As Edge said, most of them are 24V AC so you either need to have your Arduino control a relay or search a bit harder to find one with your preferred voltage. (And then you will need a relay anyway.)