Hydrophone AUV

I'm in an electrical engineering course, and a month into the project, I've realized how far over my head I am. Basically what I intend to do is create an autonomous bot that can navigate a tank of water by responding to sounds. If I pound on the side the tank, the hydrophones should pick up where the sound is coming from and drive to its source. I have 4 hydrophones and 4 amplifiers as well as motor controllers and arduinos, but I don't know anything about coding. Does anyone want to help me get started? Thanks.

do you need the bot go up and down ?
Otherwise you can put the 4 hydrophones together each one pointing one direction, so if you measure the intensity of the sound in all sensors you can compare and see which direction the sound is coming, probably the sound intensity will be greater in the nearest hydrophone, also you can compare the other one and make a decision to where go…

ideally, the craft would be able to move and sense sound on a three dimensional plane, but i'm not sure how realistic that is. if we wanted it to move up and down, as well as left/right/forward/back would we need a total of 6 hydrophones, or is there a way to get away with only using 4? thanks.

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