Hydroponic/Aquaponic Automation - Developer Call To Action

You can help create real solutions to serious global challenges! The HAPI project is an evolution in community-driven, sustainable food production technology. We are using Raspberry Pi and Arduino technologies, along with a host of sensors and controls, to create an intelligent platform for controlled-environment food production. Our goals are big and include buzzwords like: open source, food security, zero-footprint, organic and global accessibility. We need your technical skills to take this fantastic capability to the next level. Join us today!

You've really done nothing but post SPAM (IMHO).. regardless of how great your project is.

You have failed to tell us ANYTHING about it (aside from your 'buzz words')..

What kind of hardware/software developers are you looking for?

To work on what kind of projects/aspects of your HAPI project?)

Is it paid? How much?

Can one work remotely?

If you want the help of the members here.. posting INFORMATION PERTINENT OUR SKILLS/SKILLSET would yield better results I would think.

We like and frequent THIS forum.. posting general (context) text.. with a link off-site doesnt help your cause.

Post all relevant info HERE.... and if we can identify with the project and the skills it takes to accomplish it.. AT THAT POINT.. one would visit an off-site link.

Yeah seriously - what gives. I messaged your facebook, checked your github, followed the hapi website, sourceforge...???? How come the tech details are not provided. Your youtube looks like a commercial.

Sounds to me like they are sounding the “Call to Action” for developers to help them grow weed.