Hydroponic system automatized with arduino

I am New in this forum, Is there someone able to automatize temperature, humidity, ph level, Electric conductivity , etc?
I want to know all is posible to learn this Chanel to help poor families in Cusco-Perú. Thanks

No one will design the complete project for you. You have to start it by yourself and when you face problems, you can post them here and can get help.

Btw these are all simple sensors so you can easily interface them with arduino after a little reading. If you want I can provide you the links.

This is a project the Arduino is ideal for and has been done many times, but you really need to tell people what you have in terms of parts (links to the exact ones) and what you have done so far in terms of a schematic and sketch.

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You might start with the forum search function and search for key words of your project. At least 10 years of projects to sort thru for similar ones to yours.