Hydroponics controller - is this possible

guys I have in my possession an ec/resistivity controller I'd like to interface with arduino for readouts. I've disassembled the controller and noticed it has ISP pinheader already soldered to it. Was wondering if I'd be able to use arduino to get readouts of what the meter is reading? I've attached pics of controller

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The ICSP is for programming so I doubt if you will get data out through it.

Can you post link to make,model,spec and data of the controller.

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hi this is the controller here https://waterfilter.net.au/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/CCT-7300-Operational-Manual.pdf

What do you need the controller to do? If all you are doing is measuring water levels you can do that with the arduino, some wire and copper tape.

Hi the controller measures electrical conductivity of the water. This lets me no the nutrient level of the water. I'm trying to get it to send the readout to an arduino so I can remotely monitor it

If you read the manual, you will see it has a 4 - 20mA output loop.
The manual does not indicate which input is transmitted on the loop, but I would assume it would be the input selected to be displayed.

So if this is remote to the Arduino you will only be able to monitor one input.

What sensors do you have for the "controller".

I have put controller in " " because its not a controller, it is a monitor, it controls nothing.

I may be wrong, but the manual is very light on, when it comes to using the front buttons.

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Just read the manual and it seems to have a 4-20ma output. Does anyone have any good tutorials on interfacing arduino with 4-20ma sensors?

Hi there is only one sensor connected which is a probe that monitors electrical conductivity.

Connect the 4-20mA line across a 250 ohm resistor. See RL on page 8.
Result will be 1V to 5V signal.
measure with analogRead() if that represents analog signal, or digitalRead if it represent 0/1 binary data.

Got to love those translated manuals:
"The conductivity cell installation is a very careful work, please choose carefully the installation location, deliberate the installation type, and incorrect installation will lead to larger deviation of the measured data."

hahaha yeah its certainly a chinglish manual. Had a friend that works in water treatment give me it though. Beggers cant be choosers.