Hydroponics sensors with logging in spreadsheet

Hi friends. I am in need of a new hobby and since I already enjoy growing my own vegetables, I thought I might mix the two.
I have some experience with programming my own racing drones, so Arduino is not completely foreign to me, but it's close.

My plan is to build a system that will completely monitor my plants and keep the information logged, either online or on a SD-card. Preferably online though.

I also want to do this without breaking the bank.
The sensor information I want to continuous log is this.

  • Air temperature
  • Air humidity
  • Water reservoir PH
  • Water reservoir PPM
  • Water reservoir temperature
  • Soil humidity
  • Soil PH

In the future I might want to expand this to controlling lights and irrigation.

First I need help in deciding what Arduino board I need and what sensors I need.

So far I've picked these parts, but I am open to suggestions.

  • Arduino Uno
  • A DHT11 (relative humidity and temp)
  • DS18B20 (water temperature)
  • SEN-13322 ROHS (soil humidity)
  • SEN-12872 (Water ph)

Hope to keep this thread going until the project is done.

You probably want to include a clock. You might also consider local display as well as local recording, and then internet distribution. If yes to all of the above, you should consider a Mega, as a Uno does not have sufficient memory. If no to somwe of the above, a Mega is still a good idea.

The speadsheet part is no more than a matter of properly formatting the data into a CSV file.