Hynix LED display and programmable storage chips

I received a marketing flat screen "tablet" that, when opened (magnetic switch) automatically starts a video presentation (sort of like those birthday cards that, when opened, play a tune.)

I would like to use the LED in an Arduino application, but I don't know how to salvage/use the parts. The three visible chips have numbers:

HY5DU561G22FTP (maybe HY5DU561622FTP)

The USB cable connection simply charges the battery. lsusb does not detect anything.

Attached is a picture. I'm hoping someone can direct me. Google is not helping very much with anything I understand.


Damn, can't seem to attach 1.6Mb jpg image.

I've had a few of these in hand. They all charged via USB and mounted like a flashdrive. I could change the media files but the bootlogo was not able to be changed as it was part of the firmware.

I got in contact with a factory that does make these, and they said that you have to hire them to tailor the software in them for your specific product. It is not available for the public.

// Per.